The Plot of

The Force Awakens


Putting Together
the Ultimate Star Wars Puzzle

I have been a Star Wars fan ever since I was 5 years old. My father took me to see Return of the Jedi on the big screen and it was instantly the most important thing in my life. I was a talkative 5 year old but Return of the Jedi left me speechless for hours… I didn’t have the words to process what I had just seen.

As I got older The Empire Strikes Back became my favorite movie. My father considered A New Hope the best of the Original Trilogy, which is something we still debate to this day (Both of us have a hard time calling Episode IV “A New Hope…” to us, that movie is simply “Star Wars”).

When the prequels were announced I was excited. I was so excited that I thought I liked them. After watching them over a few times… its flaws became apparent.

I have always wanted a post Return of the Jedi Trilogy… As soon as the first teaser trailer dropped in 2014 I obsessed over every detail and began formulating my own theories. After a year of analyzing every new bit of information related to Episode 7… I believe I have it figured out. I do not know anyone in the Movie business or who has given me any type of spoiler… This is the result of taken what we have been given as clues and coming up with a theory.

The Plot of The Force Awakens has been shrouded in Mystery ever since it was announced. We know that George Lucas had ideas about what the story should be but those ideas were set aside by Disney to deliver something that would capture the true spirit of the original trilogy.

Despite JJ Abrams’ best effort to hold back as much plot information as possible during Teasers & Trailers… I believe we can take what we know about The Original Trilogy, apply its major themes to the imagery we have seen and make adjustments for the world we are currently living in to derive the exact plot of The Force Awakens.

We have been given a jigsaw puzzle… this is what I believe is the solution:

Potential Spoilers Ahead


Much like A New Hope, The Force Awakens’ plot will kick into action without its main character. It will begin with the lightsaber Luke Skywalker lost in Cloud City being found on the planet of Jakku. The lightsaber will make its way to an encampment led by Max Von Sydow’s character and he will contact The Resistance. The Resistance will send their best pilot Poe Dameron to recover the lightsaber. The First Order will track Dameron to Jakku and they will know he is going to recover the lighsaber.

While Dameron is consulting with Max Von Sydow’s character, The First Order will strike. Dameron will hide the lightsaber inside BB-8, and instruct the droid to flee. The First Order, led by Kylo Ren, will destroy the encampment along with several innocent victims… Dameron will be taken hostage. Kylo Ren will interrogate Dameron aboard a First Order ship orbiting Jakku and learn the lightsaber has been placed inside a droid.

A storm trooper named Finn who was involved in the Jakku raid will not like what he took part in… he had no idea he would be killing innocent people. He will free Dameron in order to pilot a ship away from The First Order and back onto Jakku. Dameron will pilot a Tie Fighter and blast his way out… he will be shot down on his way back to Jakku.

Finn will wake suddenly after the crash landing and see Dameron passed out. Finn will take Dameron’s clothes and will flee.

The First Order will send Captain Phasma to recover the droid and the lightsaber.

How do we know all this?

We know The First Order
attacks an encampment



We know the character Finn is an ex storm trooper…
He needs a motive to leave the First Order. The attack
on Jakku will be that motive.

We know BB-8 ends up on Jakku… BB-8 looks too advanced and clean to be a
native of Jakku. He must be part of The Resistance. BB-8 taking the lightsaber is a
nod to R2-D2’s role in A New Hope (Lightsaber = Death Star Plans).


We know Dameron is captured and interrogated but how do we know Finn will
release him? Simple… Stormtroopers are all specialized. You can tell what their role is
based on what they are wearing. Finn is not a pilot… he is a ground soldier. He will
not know how to pilot a ship and will need a pilot to escape.


We know a Tie Fighter is hijacked and blasts its way out…
Dameron will pilot it but will be shot down on his way back to


We know Finn ends up with Dameron’s Jacket… He removes the white
Storm Trooper armor and takes the jacket from the crash site in order to blend in and avoid The First Order when they come looking for him.



Rey, known to be a scavenger, will spend the day exploring a downed Star Destroyer. On her way back to her encampment she encounter an interesting looking droid who needs help. The droid, known as BB-8, will tell her he needs to be taken back to the Resistance as soon as possible. Rey will take BB-8 back to where she lives where some local thugs will see Rey with BB-8 and want to take the droid for themselves. Rey will fight the thugs but that is when Finn will arrive. Together Finn and Rey will defeat the thugs and keep BB-8 safe. Finn and Rey begin to talk but the conversation will be cut short by an attack by Captain Phasma and her Troops. Rey and Finn will run.

How do we know all this?


We know Rey is a scavenger

We know she gets into a fight… BB-8 is just the type of
thing that would capture the local’s attention.


We know she meets up
with BB-8 on Jakku



We know she
meets Finn on

We know they will be trying to escape capture
from the First Order on Jakku



Rey and Finn will escape Jakku aboard the Millenium Falcon. It’s unknown why the Falcon is on Jakku but Han Solo and Chewbaca will not be aboard. Rey will very capably pilot the Falcon against several Tie Fighters… She will eventually pilot it into the rear of the downed Star Destroyer where she is able to loose the Tie Fighters and get away.

Wherever their immediate destination is that is where they will meet Han and Chewie. BB-8 will then share what he is carrying. This will spark a conversation where Han explains the significance of the Lightsaber and Luke Skywalker. Han will explain that no one has seen Luke in years. In need of guidance, Han will take Finn and Rey to see Maz Kanata.

How do we know all this?

We see the Millenium Falcon flying on jakku and
into the downed Star Destroyer.


The line “Chewie, we’re home,” suggests Han and Chewie have
not been aboard the Falcon in a long time. So we know they
were not aboard during the escape from Jakku.


We know Han’s explanation of the Force comes aboard the
Falcon… that must be where BB-8 shares what he is hiding.


We know that Maz Kanata is described as a Pirate… this is
just the type of character Han would know so it must be him
who takes them to see her.



Han, Chewie, Rey and Finn will arrive on a jungle planet where Maz Kanata’s castle is located. It will have a Jabba’s Palace/Cantina feel to it. The lightsaber will be presented to Kanata. Kanata will know why Luke has gone missing and several flashbacks will happen… Luke saying goodbye to R2D2. Rey will learn something she does not like that will cause her not to want anything to do with the lightsaber or the Jedi. She will need time alone to process the information.

The Castle will have First Order spies that immediately alert them that the droid has been found. Kanata will contact the Resistance. Both forces will converge on the planet.

The First Order will arrive first and Rey will see them while she is in the forest alone. She will be taken prisoner. The First Order will destroy the castle.

The Resistance led by Dameron, who somehow made it back, will lead the attack. After the First Order is repelled General Leia will land on the planet and meet Han and company. Kanata will give her the lightsaber. Leia will speak with Finn and learn where The First Order’s Starkiller Base is located. They will plan a mission to destroy Starkiller Base and rescue Rey.

Leia will give the lightsaber to Finn and tell him that Rey will need it when the time is right.

How do we know all this?


We know at some point Rey will be alone on the
forest planet with BB-8… this must be to process
bad news… that bad news is most likely that she is
related to the Skywalker name. Her Father is Han
and her mother is Leia. She does not want the
lightsaber because she does not want to be tied to
the Skywalker legacy.

We know Maz Kanata is a pirate with a castle who uses
the force in some way. She will serve as the Yoda
character to provide flashbacks and connect the dots
for the main characters. We know Kanata gives Leia
the lightsaber.


We know there is a battle on a forest planet and
we know Dameron is back in an X-Wing.


We know Rey will use a blaster to try and
defend herself from something… this is most
likely before she is captured.



We know Kanata gives the lightsaber to Leia
and we know Finn ends up with it.


Starkiller base will be on a snowy planet. Kylo Ren will use the same interrogation method on Rey that he used on Dameron but instead Rey will learn who Ren is and how he was set on the path he’s on… we will see a flashback of the Knights of Ren in the Rain. After the interrogation she will be left alone in a cell.

Han, Chewie and Finn will lead the effort to save Rey while the Resistance leads an attack on the base. Rey will most likely free herself and meet up with Han, Chewie and Finn. Chewie will be told to get the Falcon ready for their escape. Han, Finn and Rey will come across Kylo Ren in the Snow. Han will be revealed as Kylo Ren’s father (making Ray & Kylo Ren brother and sister) and Kylo will kill him.

Finn will attack Kylo Ren and a lightsaber Duel will begin. Finn will do well at first but he will lose. Just before Kylo is about to finish him, Rey will take the lightsaber and embrace the Force. She will defeat Kylo but not kill him.

The lightsaber fights will be intercut with the battle. The Resistance is will destroy Starkiller Base and Rey, Finn and Chewie will make it off the planet safely.

Rey will know where Luke is most likely because of the connection Luke has to his lightsaber. She will go to see him alone and will return the lightsaber to him. He will agree to train her as a Jedi.

How do we know all this?


We need a way to learn Kylo’s
backstory and we already know
Kylo uses an interrogation method
that utilizes the force. Since Rey is
also Force sensitive this will not
work on her… she will reverse the
process and we will get flashbacks.
Kylo is most likely an ex-Luke
Skywalker Student and nephew to
Han Solo.

We know Starkiller base is on a snow planet
and that there is a battle there. We know Rey
will be there because we see Han, Finn and
Chewie on some sort of mission inside a First
Order Base. We know that Rey will free herself
because Disney does not want to promote the
“women in distress” trope. Rey can take care of


We know someone dies because we see Rey crying over a body. We
can accurately guess this is Han because of all the people it cannot
be. It cannot be Finn because Disney will not kill its only Black
character. It cannot be Chewie because no one would cry like that
for a character that never speaks. It would make sense that Rey
cries for the father she only just met.



If we assume the characters are similar in age to the Actors playing
them… that would make Kylo Ren 32 and Rey 23. That is enough of
a gap for it to be plausible that Rey was separated from her family
at an early age to protect her from Kylo.

We know a confrontation will take place in the snow where Finn
uses a lightsaber. Rey taking the lightsaber and “letting the force in” makes sense.


We know the Resistance will destroy Starkiller Base because it is basically the new
Death Star… we know what happens to Death Stars.



Luke Skywalker… JJ Abrams has to mitigate his
risks with this character. Mark Hamill has not had
a successful film career. The Original Star Wars
Trilogy is basically his only major role (however,
he has found success in voice acting). Han Solo has
a prominent role because Harrison Ford is an
excellent actor. There is too much riding on this
movie to give too much screen time to an actor of
marginal talent. He will have a few lines at the
end… that’s it. That’s why we are not seeing him…
He will not save the day at the End. Luke
Skywalker (because of Mark Hamill) has been
relegated to a “bit part.”



If at some point in this movie Kylo Ren cuts his own hand off to align with Luke and Vader… that will be the best thing ever.